Building Zero Energy Homes

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Equinox Energy Homes provides the science, training, and building technologies for builders looking to provide zero energy, or energy free living to home buyers.

Through a never before combined grouping of energy conservation products and concepts, solar energy production, and construction techniques, Equinox Energy Homes allows builders to construct homes at nearly the same cost as traditional construction, but with zero or near zero energy costs.

Energy savings can pay for the cost of new home construction.



Equinox Energy Homes has representation across the Western United States.
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Our Model in Clear Lake

Set up a visit to our model home in Clear Lake, Iowa. This home has proven energy generating credentials (see our ACTUAL Electric Bills- where we actually make money!). Our model home is comfortable, and affordable for the Average American Family.

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Inside an Equinox Energy Home

A Insulation R-54 Roof R-24 Sidewalls By Extreme Panel Technologies
B Frost Free Insulated Foundation
C Correctly Sized Low E Windows
D High Efficiency Heat Pump HVAC
E High Efficiency Air Handler
F Radiant Electric Floor by Danfoss
G Optional In-Floor Hot Water Heat
H Solar Electric Panels - Energy Source
I Monitoring System by Equinox Energy Homes
J Equinox 26 Color Loc Roof (40 Colors)
K High Efficiency Heat Pump Hot Water Heater
L Raceways for Electricity
M Fresh Air Ventilation by Panasonic
N Circuit Panel


Other Zero Energy Resources

Energy to Spare - the NIST Zero Energy Home

Net Zero 101

Zero Energy Home Surpasses it’s Goal to Provide 100% of the Energy To operate the Home. Over $4,400.00 in Electricity was saved.

The Above Home In Maryland operated from July,2013 thru June 2014 as both a Home and a Laboratory. This two story, four bedroom, three bath home, consumed less energy than it produced, enough Extra Energy to power an electric car for 1400 miles.

Reference: the National Institute of Standards and Technology website.

Panasonic Comfort Solutions